How to Return Something from Amazon

How to Return Something from Amazon

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Online shopping platforms are a great option for shopping a variety of goods and services online for people. They offer a wide range of products in a large variety of options and much more, all under a single platform. 

Though, they lack in offering you the sensual details of the product, that you get to experience in the stores. 

This may be the reason that these online stores receive a large number of return requests everyday. 

But, they also have a well structured online return management system that helps their users in placing a return request onto their platform. 

Amazon is one such online platform that lets you order a large variety of products and services from their online platform. As simple it is placing an order on Amazon, as simple it is placing a return request for an ordered item. 

Requesting a return on Amazon

You can easily place a request for returning your ordered item on Amazon by following some simple steps given below;

  • First of all, you need to log in to your  account on Amazon through either desktop(website) or mobile application. 
  • Click on the more icon on the top left corner on Amazon. That is indicated by three small horizontal lines. 
  • Click on the “Your Orders” option,  to view your recently ordered items on the list. 
  • Click on the “Return and Replace”option on the item that you want to return or replace to proceed with the request. 

Therein, you need to list the reason for your return or replacement of that item. In the first box, you need to choose a genuine reason of return or refund from those given below. And in the other box you can add a specific comment, if you want to. 

  • Click on the “Continue” in the yellow rectangle box, to confirm your action. 

Thereafter, you need to choose between getting a replacement and a refund of your item. 

  • Confirm the decision by clicking on the “Continue” in the yellow box.

After you place your return request, your seller reviews your return request and approves it(which he most certainly does) within two days. If your request is not approved by your seller within the described period, you can follow an A to Z guarantee claim of your order. 

  • After receiving the request approval, select the mode of return of your product. 
  • Also print the return label of that item. 

A return label is assigned to each item specifically. That means, no two items have the same return label. So don’t mix up other items with your return item to have difficulty in returning. 

  • At last, pack the item along with the return label and set them for a return. Either to be picked up by a deliverer or deposited to a center. 

Thereafter you can check the actual position of your return or replace by going on to the “Your orders” segment. And clicking on the “View Return/ Refund Status”.

This was all about returning your ordered item on Amazon. 

But if you wish to return a gift from your family or friends then the other guide is all for you Hide amazon order. 

Before moving onto the process of returning a gift on Amazon, you need to have the order receipt of your gift item. 

Returning a gift on Amazon

The steps for placing a return request for your gift ordered from amazon are:  

  • First of all, open Amazon Online Return Center on your browser. 
  • Go to Gift Returns, and sign in to your account or create a new one for proceeding further. 

Or, you can directly go to the gift return page by following the link:

How to Return Something from Amazon
  • Fill in the order number of that gift in the box below Gift Returns. And click on “Search”.
  • Select the item that you want to return or replace. 
  • Select the reason for your return from the options given below. You can also add your comments about the return of the item in the comment box below. And click on the “Continue” option to confirm the action and move forward. 

After you place your return request, your seller reviews your request and approves it within two days. 

  •  Select the method of your return. You can either opt for deposit in the center or pick up option. 
  • Also select the mode of receiving the refund of your return item. 

Thereafter, the company will initiate the process of refund of the returned item after they receive the item and process the return procedures. Most likey, a returned item takes about five to ten business days to reach the company. So you also need to wait for about five to ten days in order to receive the refund of your returned item.


Q: How do I initiate a return on Amazon?
A: To initiate a return on Amazon, go to “Your Orders” on the Amazon website or app. Find the item you want to return, select “Return or replace items”, and follow the prompts to choose a reason for the return and a return method.

Q: What is the return window for Amazon?
A: The return window for Amazon varies depending on the item. Most items are eligible for a return within 30 days of delivery.

Q: Who pays for the return shipping on Amazon?
A: The return shipping on Amazon is usually free for items that are sold and fulfilled by Amazon. For third-party seller items, the return shipping cost may be deducted from your refund or you may be responsible for paying the return shipping cost.

Q: How do I track the status of my return on Amazon?
A: To track the status of your return on Amazon, go to “Your Orders” on the Amazon website or app. Find the item you returned and click “Track package” to see the current status of your return.

Q: How long does it take to receive a refund for a returned item on Amazon?
A: The refund for a returned item on Amazon usually takes 3-5 business days to process after the item is received by the seller. It may take longer for the refund to appear on your credit card statement.