Association Management Software

Association Management Software

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Associations may keep on top of their membership program management with the help of this specialist software. Reporting and accounting functions in association software help with operations.

All association management software keeps track of important data about its members. Advanced solutions will also include event management, online storefronts, and other features.

You may use association software to collect and organize information on your members so that you can offer courses, events, and another programming.

Your software can assist you in keeping track of your members’ continuing education credits, registering them for events, automating association-wide messaging, and providing even more important possibilities.

So, here are some of the best Association Management Software:

1. Glue Up

Ideal for international associations, chambers of commerce, and business networks. Glue Up (previously EventBank) is a cloud-based all-in-one solution that combines a world-class CRM with the greatest membership and event administration, email marketing, and financial features. With a platform that consolidates all of your activities in one location, you may unlock new routes for development and collect membership dues. The platform includes two mobile apps: one for managing your organisation and the other for engaging with your community.

Glue up’s all-in-one solutions are utilized by businesses of all sizes all over the world, from multinational corporations to chambers of commerce and associations, to small businesses and non-profits.

The plan starts at $125.00 per month.

2. Bitrix24

With over 35+ capabilities offered to clubs, alumni, non-profits, interest groups, chambers of commerce, online communities, and other forms of organizations, Bitrix24 is used by over 8 million groups as a free AMS (association management software). Bitrix24’s private social network is its beating heart. It was here that debates took place, choices were made, and ideas were discussed.

Bitrix24 is a web-based application for enterprises and small businesses. It’s also ideal for remote teams who need to stay in touch and cooperate effectively.

A 30-day free trial and a free plan for basic business tools are provided, after which pricing is as follows: Cloud Basic: $49 per month Standard: $99 per month $199/month for professionals Business on-premises: $2990 (one-time license) $24990 for a business (one-time license).

There is a free trial available.

There is a free version.


Unique, customized live virtual experiences have never been more important. Zuddl is a virtual, high-impact event platform that enables you to host genuinely immersive events, assuring a memorable experience for attendees, presenters, and sponsors, as well as a stress-free experience for event organizers. Everyone’s time, effort, and money are effectively spent thanks to 1:1 networking, gamification, customized branding, and the ability to provide enough visibility to sponsors.

Zuddl is the ideal platform for organizations looking to stage high-impact events with 500 to 100,000 people, thanks to its customizable bespoke features and easy scalability.

4.Ungerboeck Software

Ungerboeck is the leading event software in the world, with thousands of clients producing millions of events. Top shows from across the globe, magnificent performing arts theatres, worldwide conference centers, some of the world’s most visited museums, professional sports arenas, and other events and venues are among our clients, who span more than 50 nations. We provide a software solution for event and venue management that includes CRM, booking, registration, mobile, websites, reporting, and financials.

It caters to a global market. It’s available in at least six different languages. Many various types of venues and event enterprises utilize it in over 50 different countries. Venues, trade exhibitions, seminars, and other events are all available.

5. SilkStart MultiChapter

SilkStart is a cloud software supplier for member-based organizations that is both extensive and simple to use. SilkStart’s Association Management System (AMS) simplifies operations, allowing you to interact with your members through a single central cloud database, whether you have one chapter or a thousand. SilkStart builds mobile-friendly, stylish, and useful websites that may also be integrated with existing sites.

Large trade and non-profit single and multi-chapter organizations seeking flexible, cost-effective bespoke solutions are among our customers.


Hair salon appointment software, Association Administration Software is an all-in-one cloud-based membership management system that also handles events, marketing, booking, payment, billing, reporting, sales, and team performance. Our Business App has the highest number of downloads and reviews on both Apple and Android. Monthly fees begin at $10. Register for a free one-month trial.

Best for Clubs, Salons, and Spas, Time Shares, Gyms, Fitness Centers, Vacation Ownership, Resorts, Yoga Classes, Housing & Apartment Societies, Association Management, Non-Profit Organizations, and Event Planning.

There is no free version available. Membroz provides a risk-free trial.

7. Buildium

Buildium was created specifically for residential property management and is used by over 4,000 professional association managers who manage over 300,000 units. Buildium is a fully-featured solution to help you enhance communication, increase operational efficiency, and maximize financial resources, whether you handle rental homes, condos, or homeowners communities.

Perfect for residential property managers, mixed-portfolio property managers, and community and homeowners association managers.

Monthly plans start at $50.

There is a free trial available.

8.AppFolio Property Manager

Equip your staff with tools that streamline work — from mobile violations to association accounting and more — with just one association management solution. You’ll surpass homeowner expectations with internet portals and several contact ways. The solid technological basis of AppFolio allows you to efficiently manage and expand your company. With AppFolio’s experienced onboarding and on-demand assistance, you can experience a real IT collaboration.

Best for property managers that manage 50 or more units in residential, student housing, commercial, community association, and mixed portfolio properties.

Residential: $1.40 per month per unit Commercial: $1.50 per month per unit Monthly rent for students is $1.40 per unit. Community Associations: $0.80 per month per unit A monthly minimum of $280 is required. Annual billing entitles you to discounts. Online applications, automatic data backup, bank-grade security, company-wide training, dedicated support, ongoing upgrades, unlimited users, unlimited data storage, complete accounting, integrated vacancy posting, professional website, and online rent collection are all included in the pricing.

There is a free trial available.

9.Cvent Event Management

Cvent provides best-in-class technology to help you manage each step of the event lifecycle while providing you with the data and insights you need to get the most out of them. You’ll have one platform with everything you need to discover suppliers, engage your audiences, optimize sponsor value, and gather crucial event data, whether your event is in person, virtual, or hybrid.

Cvent has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes better plan, organize, advertise, and evaluate their in-person and virtual meetings and events, regardless of industry.

There is a free trial available.

10. Brilliant Directories

Brilliant Directories provides a cost-effective, all-in-one solution to help you handle all parts of your association, including chapter management, membership dues, email marketing, and website design. Blogging, event publishing, job boards, photo albums, and more services are available. A full, turn-key Association Management Software that is simple to set up and comes with free, limitless assistance from actual people. See how Brilliant Directories can save you time and money with a free demo.

Brilliant Directories provides a simple solution for online membership groups wishing to manage their website, members, payments, and more.

Monthly Subscription: $145/month One-time payment of $1,450 for the lifetime plan

There is a free trial available.

There is a free version.

Association Management Software Buyer’s Guide

What is association management software?

Fundraising, membership, event management, and other activities are all automated with association management software. Many features are often included in these software packages to empower and enlighten association members. Association managers can also use their products for administration and business processes.

These apps let associations interact with their members, exchange resources, promote events, collect dues, and attract new members. We’ll discuss the similarities and differences between association management software and membership management software later in this post.

The benefits of association management software

Member involvement and services are improved.

Everyone wins when your association staff uses an association management system to streamline member engagement. Members are more likely to accomplish all of those things when they can update their personal profiles, reach out to other members, register and pay for events, and submit member dues all from one centralized platform.

The more easily available the advantages of membership are, the more members will get involved with the organization as a whole. Application Development Software.  Non-dues income collection has improved.

Membership dues are essential to the survival of any organization, but they aren’t the sole source of revenue. Webinars, events, retail sales, and other revenue-generating activities are all options for your organization.

With a powerful AMS on your side, your association can increase non-dues income by improving marketing, making sales and payment procedures quicker, and making online certification courses more comfortable and accessible.

Better event management and planning.

You can section your representatives to detect individuals with the most efficacious invitations and information, encourage registration through a platform your members are already familiar with, process payments quickly and securely, and allow members to sign up for different classes, panels, and networking events when your event planning management tools are integrated into your AMS.

Managing an event in the same platform as your member database makes data analysis and member interaction easier.

Marketing and communication tactics that are more effective.

By centralizing your contact lists and promoting segmentation of current and lapsed members, event attendees, and interested parties, an association management solution may boost your association’s existing marketing and communication initiatives.

Using multiple demographic indicators to segment your contact database may assist your association to offer information and updates to individuals who are most interested in the material, increasing response and website traffic as well as user interaction.

How much does association management software cost?

Software for management

The majority of items on the market are priced monthly. A starting or initiation fee is charged by certain providers, which is not included in the monthly pricing given above. Based on their beginning price, pricing may be separated into three tiers:


Between $25 and $50

$50 – $162 

Association management software characteristics

  • Personal information about people and families may be tracked using a member database. Because the core of your organization is your member database, and most other features are linked to it, this feature is critical for association management software.
  • Member Directory: Members may network and benefit from the connections your organization provides by accessing an online or printable list of members (for external users).
  • Event management includes planning and coordinating activities and other gatherings. Planning, managing, and hosting events may be one of an association’s most difficult tasks, therefore having a system to assist with this can make the process go more smoothly.
  • Provide a detailed understanding of an organization’s finances through financial management. This may seem obvious, but without money, your organisation won’t be able to give any value to its members, so knowing your budget, income, and costs is critical.
  • Website changes, such as member profiles, news, and event information, are managed through the website. Your association’s website is one of the most crucial communication tools, as well as an information resource for members to use.
  • Prepare and share email blasts and campaigns with email marketing. Another important technique for offering value to members, assisting with retention, and sending out reminders regarding membership renewals is email marketing.

When looking for association management software, there are a few things to keep in mind

Having tools in place to help you manage everything from one system may be life-changing if you operate an association. However, determining the type of software you require might be challenging. Do you require membership management software or association management software, for example? Continue reading to understand more about the distinctions between the two.


There is some overlap between membership management software and association management software. Association management software, on the other hand, often offers more functions than membership management software.

The following characteristics are commonly seen in membership management software:

  • Management of membership
  • Management of events

Website management software often contains the following features:

  • Management of membership
  • Management of events
  • Management of a website
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing via email
  • Management of finances

As you’ve seen, association management software often has more features than membership management software.

Trends in association management software that are relevant

Paid organization memberships are on the decline as a result of the introduction of free social media networks like LinkedIn and free professional development content. As a result, it’s more crucial than ever to demonstrate the value of your organisation to your members.

You may seek new ways to innovate and deliver concrete advantages above and beyond what your members can obtain for free on the internet by optimizing your operations using an association management software system. Sharing a directory that enables users to easily connect within your organization, being able to showcase members on a monthly basis on your website, or simply making it simple to convey information or changes to events fast are all important for giving value and expanding your membership.

Because many association leaders work full-time, they frequently use third-party association management businesses to assist them with day-to-day administrative tasks. They will be able to concentrate on the areas that bring value. However, it’s a good idea to retain software in place for your management organisation in order to keep expenses down. Because many organizations work on a tight budget in order to optimize the amount of money available for events or conferences, this might be critical to your organization’s success.


  1. Is the Membership Management Software a Full-Fledged Software Package?

The perfect program is one that caters to all of your employees’, departments’, and, most importantly, members’ needs. A membership/event management software package with a native website/mobile app, finance/accounting, sales/CRM, and marketing features is a wonderful and uncommon thing. Finding one and putting it in place can help you break down communication barriers, consolidate data, and unify your team in pursuit of your organization’s objectives.

  1. Is the software simple to use and understand?

Cloud-native software allows staff and members to access information from anywhere in the globe, at any time, and on any device. It is critical to choose a software system that can be accessed from any location. Staff and members desire to utilize software that removes entry obstacles, such as never-ending training sessions or a plethora of teaching films. The more quickly they learn the functions, the more eager they will be to use them. This may lead to a more productive workplace as well as higher member satisfaction and engagement.

  1. Are the native website and mobile app technology used in the software?

The website and mobile application of your organisation are critical components in increasing the experience and engagement of your members. It’s critical to provide a consistent, seamless online experience that functions the same way regardless of the access point. How annoying is it when a mobile app lacks features that are available on a website, or vice versa?

Integrating with a website and mobile application software that is both native to the same program makes unifying these experiences much easier. It also eliminates the need for you to work with third-party vendors.

  1. Is the Software Easily Upgradable?

In the age of cloud computing, you shouldn’t waste your time or money upgrading software or paying software update fees. Your service provider should manage the updates and deliver them to your system on a regular basis — ideally monthly — as part of your service contract at no additional cost.

Investing in a cloud-based solution can relieve your IT department of the stress of constantly upgrading your software, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks like research and development of new technologies/solutions and improving existing technologies, to mention a few.


What is association management software?
Association management software (AMS) is a type of software designed to help associations and non-profit organizations manage their membership, events, and finances.

What are the benefits of using association management software?
Some benefits of using association management software include improved communication with members, streamlined event management, better financial management, and easier membership management.

What features should I look for in association management software?
Some key features to look for in association management software include membership management tools, event management tools, financial management tools, reporting tools, and communication tools.

How much does association management software cost?
The cost of association management software varies depending on the specific software and the size of the organization using it. Some software options charge a monthly or annual fee, while others may require a one-time purchase.

Is association management software difficult to use?
The level of difficulty in using association management software can vary depending on the specific software and the user’s experience. Some software options may be more user-friendly than others, and many offer training and support resources to help users get started.