Apparel Management Software

Apparel Management Software

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For the garment sector, apparel management software automates business activity, order processing, inventory control, and product planning, App Design Software.

So, here we are with the list of top apparel management software you can pick to make your work easier:

NetSuite is the world’s most popular cloud accounting and ERP software, offering a single platform for back-office functions like CRM, inventories, and eCommerce. With built-in business intelligence, reporting, and real-time visibility, NetSuite empowers apparel businesses of all sizes and industries to optimize financial close, reduce IT costs, and eliminate inefficiencies, allowing you to focus on revenue-generating decisions rather than worrying about your back-end systems.

Fast-growing firms utilize NetSuite to automate fundamental operations and gain real-time insights into operational and financial performance, from pre-revenue startups to small and mid-size enterprises.

The monthly cost of NetSuite starts at $499.00. There is no free version available. There is no free trial available for NetSuite.

All apparel, garment, textile, and footwear businesses may benefit from GOFRUGAL Apparel POS software. With matrix inventory and a product-image map, you can manage inventory with any form of variation, such as size, color, brand, material, and design. GOFRUGAL POS also aids in inventory management, which reduces theft and pilferage. Customers may manage in-store and online inventory by integrating GOFRUGAL POS with an e-commerce system.

Best for serving internet merchants and restaurateurs in the United States, the United Kingdom, California, India, Australia, and more than 60 other countries.

There is a free trial available.

There is a free version.

Much subscription-based software has attempted to dominate the market by replacing the license-based model and providing feature-rich software applications over the cloud in recent years, but their reliance on the internet and subscription model system has proven to be an expensive proposition for salons, spas, and beauty businesses.

Best For the salon and the gym Spas, beauty salons, super salons, hair salons, day spas, resort spas, destination spas, hotel spas, clubs, medi-spa, and unisex salons all utilize salon and spa software.

Lightspeed EPOS is a future-proofing system that integrates analytics, omnichannel loyalty, and a sophisticated eCommerce solution. Increase client satisfaction and return visits with tools that make every transaction memorable. Important information, brand preferences, and other details should be included in your client profiles. Lightspeed’s intelligent stock management will help you optimise your collections.

Lightspeed’s features are tailored to the needs of merchants and restaurateurs. It streamlines day-to-day activities so you can focus on what matters most: business development and customer satisfaction.

Lightspeed Retail Lean costs $79 per month (paid monthly) or $69 per month (billed yearly) (billed annually) $139 per month (billed monthly) or $119 per month (billed annually) Advanced: $199/month (billed monthly) or $239/month (billed monthly) (billed annually).

There is a free trial available.

Orderhive is a centralized platform that is easy to interface with marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and others. It is a leading automated garment management software for retailers, wholesalers, and dropshippers. Managing orders, producing product variations, bundling, PLM, shipping, cycle counting, increasing POs, managing backorders, and other tasks can all be done from a single window with the customized software. Plan and predict your inventory in accordance with current fashion trends.

Orderhive is ideal for shops all over the world that want to automate and streamline their inventory and order operations.

A 15-day risk-free trial is available (no credit card required) More features may be added using add-ons. There are no questions asked when it comes to refunds. Orderhive offers a 15-day free trial (no credit card required) and offers customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There is a free trial available.

There is a free version.

OnSite is a company management software for garment screen printers and embroiderers, promotional goods distributors and manufacturers, award firms, and digital printers. CRM, client quotations, order input, design management and proofing, workflow management, marketing, payables, payment processing, purchasing & inventory, manufacturing, and comprehensive double ledger accounting are just a few of the functions available.

Companies in the embellished product industry will benefit the most. Apparel decorators (screen print and embroidery), promotional goods wholesalers, award and recognition firms, and digital printers all fall under this category.

Their monthly rates begin at $60.00.

There is a free trial available.

For your dry cleaning, laundry, sewing, tailoring, and alterations business, the most comprehensive cloud-based POS and store management software is available. It works on any Internet-connected device, including PCs, Macs, iPhones, and Smart TVs. CRM and marketing features like email and SMS marketing are included. Use SMS or email follow-ups to revolutionize your business. Create an automatic follow-up once, and it will continue to bring you more and more devoted clients for the rest of your life!

All dry cleaning, laundry, garment alterations, and tailoring firms will benefit from this.

No credit card is required for the 30-day free trial. Small: $39/month Starter: $19/month $129/month (medium) For a price on a large order, contact Geelus. For 1 year and 2-year plans, discounts are available.

Also, has a free version of the application.

Prodsmart is a digital portal for small and medium-sized businesses. From raw materials to completed products, Prodsmart can assist textile manufacturers in digitizing and managing their whole manufacturing process. Prodsmart will also automate reporting and traceability, standardize quality and safety, produce serialized labels, connect shipping and receiving, and do a lot more to help your organization develop in the digital age.

Manufacturers and fabricators will benefit the most.

Unlimited users and devices are available for $600 a month.

Yes, there is a free trial available.

Heartland Retail is a cloud-based point-of-sale and retail management system created by retailers for merchants. The Heartland platform was designed with multi-site, multi-channel brands and retailers in mind, allowing them to provide consistent service to all customers, regardless of where or how they purchase. Empower your team to sell more, profitably, with the strong retail management capability that powers some of retail’s most revolutionary businesses.

Best for multi-store, multi-channel merchants who need to provide consistent service to all customers, regardless of how or where they purchase.

Based on your company’s demands, we provide three tiers. As your demands change, you can effortlessly switch between levels. Standard: $79/month, yearly billed; $89/month, monthly billed (per selling station) Professional: $119/month for yearly billing; $139/month for monthly billing (per selling station) Enterprise: $179/month for yearly billing; $199/month for monthly billing (per selling station)

Yes, there is a free trial available.

Backbone is a product lifecycle management platform that enables hundreds of expanding garment and accessories manufacturers of all sizes to develop smarter, quicker, and scaled goods. You can manage many production cycles per year using Backbone and compete on style, price point, functionality, and sustainability. Bring your team together with an online tool that they will really (want to) use, with built-in tools, interconnected dynamic libraries, beneficial integrations, and infinite data.

It is ideal for Fast-growing consumer goods firms (or design agencies) that provide garments, accessories, footwear, outdoor, home goods, and other products.

Backbone PLM gives your creative team more power, saves you time, and gets you to market faster. For just $199 per month per user

Yes, there is a free trial available.

Apparel Management Software Buyer’s Guide

What is Apparel Management Software?

Clothes ERP software, also known as Apparel Management software, is designed to manage the textile business from the ground up, including raw material products, orders, sales, and operations. Managing the apparel industry manually may be exceedingly challenging. An apparel management program can help you out in this situation. It assists you in streamlining and completing the most difficult activities that would otherwise consume your entire day. Apparel is a fast-paced sector that works with a wide range of colors and sizes, necessitating extensive preparation. Because this industry’s patterns change with each season, it requires software that can successfully manage its day-to-day operations.

Apparel manufacturing ERP software is a collection of tools for managing clothes and other item orders, inventory, and assembly. Create a matrix of colors, sizes, artwork, and patterns for a range of items, then put up seasons and garment lines.

For a full picture of the production and supply chain, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for manufacturing incorporates associated systems such as accounting, marketing, and sales. These software suites also contain capabilities for managing licensing, tracking safety compliance, and complying with shipping rules.

Why Do We Need Apparel Management Software?

As a merchandiser, you should have complete visibility of each and every order from sampling through shipment. You must stick to the delivery deadlines without increasing the cost. A last-minute product shortfall might have a significant impact on the overall shipment. Alternatively, you might lose that customer for good. That is why you need garment inventory management software that can handle all of these issues.

It can assist you with business operations, finance and accounting, warehouse management, efficient manufacturing, logistics, customer service, and predictive analysis.

Key Features of Apparel Management Software

Inventory Control for Apparel: It accepts, transfers, and distributes orders automatically. It also produces sales forecasts so you can plan ahead of time. A clothing inventory management software can offer a wide range of functionality. You don’t have to use pen and paper or ask your staff for every piece of information anymore, whether it’s for supply chain management or financial tracking. It can help you with a variety of chores on a daily basis. Here are some of the capabilities that any clothing ERP software will provide.

Keep an eye on your expenses: From recording prices for material purchases, cutting, and manufacturing to monitoring transportation and duty fees, you can keep track of every cent you spend. You may also manage the pricing that the consumer sees.

Support for Sales Channels: You can track and evaluate all elements of your sales, from EDI to direct-to-consumer. You may access any information online using apparel manufacturing management software. It simplifies things for both you and your consumers.

Management of the Supply Chain: Apparel management provides you and your vendors with a comprehensive view of your supply chain. You may have all functions incorporated into the garment production management software, whether it’s tracking raw materials or final items.

Optimization of the Warehouse: Consider purchasing garment manufacturing ERP software if your warehouse productivity is dwindling. Apparel manufacturing ERP gives precise data and transaction reports in real-time.

Management of Financial Resources: Integrate your clothing ERP software with your payables, receivables, and general ledger modules to gain a complete picture of your finances. With the aid of clothing manufacturing ERP software, you can also keep track of your financial data.

Analytics:  Business Analytics delivers extensive analysis, deviations, and comparisons. This study may be tailored to your specific company requirements. You may use these reports to a variety of scenarios and assess distinct customer buying habits based on the market.

System for Document Management: Finally, you can stop looking for physical documents! This is because garment software allows you to save photos of your items, client receipts, vendor invoices, and other information within the programme.

Visibility of the Supply Chain: Every stakeholder has the choice to join several garment management software programs. Retailers and distributors can communicate with one another. Buyers can also log in to monitor the status of their orders.

Manufacturing that is aided by technology: With the use of barcodes and RF-based technologies, apparel management software connects all units and departments online. With the use of garment software, any manufacturing delays or manpower shortages may be easily tracked.

Benefits of Apparel Management Software

It allows you to be more flexible.

Apparel management software allows you to customise your process, select your database, and create your own custom reports. Platform independence is a feature of all good garment production management software programmes.

It allows for simple implementation.

It is simple to integrate into any procedure. You may start using it the same day you install the programme, and you won’t have to manually install or manage each client or process.

It’s quite scalable.

The multi-tiered architecture of apparel ERP software allows it to accommodate an increasing number of users, transactions, departments, and divisions. It’s perfect for a developing company.

It provides unrivalled security.

Only relevant data is provided to the targeted user, thanks to apparel ERP software. Some garment management software programmes also offer automatic data backup, which can give further protection against data loss.

It allows for database integration.

Apparel management software is simple to incorporate into your existing databases. Once installed, the system will blend in seamlessly with your existing conventional system.

It aids in customer service management.

Your procedures for recording and storing client data, actions, and preferences will be automated using clothing ERP software.

It boosts sales.

Price, order, and delivery are the three main elements that influence sales. These aspects will also benefit from an outfit management system.

It cuts down on machine downtime.

A lot of machine downtime is linked to the lack of appropriate raw material due to inadequate planning. Apparel ERP software can help you reduce downtime on your machines.

Before buying an apparel management software there are some things to keep in mind

Determine your goal.

Every company has its own set of requirements. Make sure you get software that is appropriate for your company. The best way to go is to figure out what you want from an apparel management software and then get the best one.


Although most garment ERP software packages are simple to use, ensure sure you can comprehend and run the programme once it’s been integrated into your business. There will be a waste of time and effort if you are unable to use certain functions.

System for assisting vendors

If you have a problem with the programme, you will need to contact a vendor support representative for assistance. Make sure the seller provides prompt after-sales assistance, as any delay in resolving the problem can have a significant impact on your business.

Request a demonstration.

Before you acquire clothing ERP software, make sure you get a free trial from the provider. This will aid in your understanding of the programme and allow you to make an informed decision about whether to purchase or reject it.



In a continuously changing retail and production environment, CGS is continually pushing to achieve more. With a quickly changing market, unified commerce, and the convergence of retail and wholesale, brands and retailers are searching for a comprehensive solution to handle all of their business channels. The industry-leading BlueCherry Suite and Visual Next from CGS have a strong understanding of the garment, fashion, and consumer lifestyle sectors, as well as a common aim of offering end-to-end supply chain management solutions. Clients of both firms will benefit from the greatest concept-to-consumer processes – from design to sourcing, production to sales – as a result of this purchase.


A product lifecycle management (PLM) system is more than simply a single programme, such as finance software or an inventory management platform; it’s a unified solution that spans all teams and departments. Depending on your industry, it may be used to replace a single programme, many pieces of software, or manual procedures.

Every firm is distinct, yet they all confront issues, which may all be controlled with PLM software. 


For retail and business partners, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows for direct, automated B2B data interchange.


Industry-specific solutions, such as Apparel ERP, Apparel PLM, warehouse management systems, and EDI, can help with wholesale process management. To efficiently manage the wholesale channel, planning, pricing, billing, margins, inventory, order management, distribution, and other skills must be linked.


To meet today’s omnichannel needs, a best-of-breed and completely integrated supply chain is required. An clothing ERP may serve as a central platform for your fashion business, with third-party systems like Shopify, Magento, Amazon, Returnly, and others readily connected. This strategy will provide you with a cohesive solution to meet the demands of today’s multichannel business.