Animal Shelter Software

Animal Shelter Software

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Animal shelter software is meant to assist animal shelters, rescue groups, and animal control institutions with important activities such as animal intake, care, licensing, and adoption administration.

So, some of the top Animal Shelter Software are:

  1. Volgistics 

Supervise your animal shelter caregivers from any location, including the office, the field, and your home! Collect applications online and allow volunteers to maintain their own profiles and schedules through the site. To decrease no-shows, send automated reminders. In only a few clicks, you may compose email or SMS messages. There are no extra charges for support or upgrades; just a flat monthly fee with no long-term commitment. Volgistics is the world’s leading volunteer software company.

Volgistics works with a wide range of volunteer-driven groups, from small local animal shelters to huge worldwide charity organizations.

There is a free trial available.

  1. OERCA

OERCA’s Animal Welfare App is a web-based electronic record management and communications solution for zoological institutions, wildlife management, research centers, rescue centers, and field operations. There is no need for IT or infrastructure. Companion smartphone Progressive Web App for Animal and Dive Management is included. The existing system is comprehensive and simple to configure, or it may be adapted to meet unique requirements. The admission fee is really inexpensive.

Professional zoological and wildlife management organisations, field biologists, animal welfare management, animal rehabilitation, university research centers, and rescue operations are among the best candidates.

The monthly cost of OERCA starts at $92.00 per feature. There is no free version available. There is no free trial offered by OERCA.

  1. Pawlytics

Animal rescue management software that is both affordable and simple to use. Organize pet information, adoptions, foster placements, and more.

Pawlytics was created to help foster-based rescues, animal welfare organisations, and animal shelters that are tired of feeling disorganised, want to modernise, and want to develop by utilising technology.

The cost of a Pawlytics feature starts at $1.00. There is no free version available. A free trial is available from Pawlytics.

  1. Shelter Pro

Animal services firms can use Shelter Pro Software as a full-featured recordkeeping solution. Our system, which has been in operation since 1994, includes animal control, shelter administration, pet license/registration management, contributions, and traps. As an add-on product, we also offer Shelter Pro Portal, which allows you to provide your inhabitants with a personalised, real-time website with essential self-service capabilities. Shelter Pro is offered as both a self-hosted and cloud-based solution.

Animal control organisations and rescue groups can use this system to handle animals, employees, documentation, accounting, contributions, and fundraising campaigns.

There is a free trial available.

  1. To Your Rescue

TYR keeps track of all of your critical documents. Animals, health and medical records, and milestone history are among them (intakes, adoptions, fosters, releases, transfers, and more). Donors and their gifts and grants, volunteers, members, event workers, and more all have history. Animals, people, and events are featured in photos, papers, and videos. Thank you for your assistance with thank you notes. There are reminders, reports, searches, and inquiries here. TYR also aids in the improvement of your financial situation.

We cooperate with animal rescues, shelters, sanctuaries, TNR organisations, wildlife rehabbers, and any other organisation dedicated to the protection and improvement of animals’ lives.

The cost of To Your Rescue starts at $99.95 per user. There is no free version available. There is no free trial available for To Your Rescue.

  1. The Pet Friend

Pet Friend assists organisations of all sizes with animal records management and computer system upgrades. We accomplished this by developing cloud-based, mobile-friendly software. Pet Friend works on any device that has an internet connection and a browser, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and classic desktops. To supply you with high-quality software, we collaborate with groups such as humane societies, animal shelters, animal control, animal rescues, and veterinarian offices.

From small to big, they collaborate with Animal Shelters, Vet Clinics, Rescues, Animal Control, Transport Groups, and Disaster Relief!

Pet Friend’s monthly subscription starts at $25.00 per user. There is no free version available. A free trial is available from The Pet Friend.

  1. Volaby

Volaby is a volunteer management software platform that focuses on onboarding, organising, rostering, and collecting social impact data from your volunteers. Volaby is a product of Orange Sky, an Australian non-profit, and is backed by Google to assist other non-profits increase volunteering efficiency so they can focus on increasing their social impact.

Non-profits and volunteer-based organisations benefit the most (specializing in community engagement organisations who use casual volunteers)

Volaby subscriptions begin at $29.00 per month. There is no free version available. Volaby provides a risk-free trial.

  1. Petstablished

Petstablished is quality software for animal rescues and shelters that is free and web-based. It’s feature-rich, adaptable, and simple to use, and it works on any device (desktop, smartphone, and tablet). In addition, Petstablished users get access to exclusive services such as our income share and group purchase programmes. For animal welfare groups, it is the greatest all-in-one data management software solution.

Animal Shelters, Animal Rescue Organizations, Foster-Based Animal Rescue Organizations, and Animal Control Organizations are the best candidates.

This software is completely free to use.

A free version is available. There is no free trial offered by Petstablished.

  1. Hospitium

For all sorts of shelters, flexible software with centralised animal data, contact management, and reporting is available.

Best for all types and sizes of rescues and shelters (from 1 to 1,000,000 animals).

Hospitium is now free to use for all sizes of shelters and rescues.

A free version is available. There is no free trial offered by Hospitium.

  1. AniLog

ANILOG is a web-based platform for animal welfare management. Origin/ownership history, Veterinary/treatment history, Behavioural history, Kennelling/location history, Weight & nutrition plans/history are just a few of the operational advantages of utilising AniLog to keep track of all your animal relationships. System of reminders, Image storage, external reports, Microchip registration and search, Rehoming information, and Contact Module are all examples of document/attachment storage.

Dog Wardens, Animal Control Facilities, Boarding Kennels, Animal Shelters, Animal Charities, Animal Rehoming Organizations, Animal Welfare Groups, Dog Wardens, Animal Control Facilities Any animal species may be set using AniLog.

Animal Shelter Software Buyer’s guide

What is Animal Shelter Software?

Animal shelter software, often known as pet or animal care software, helps animal welfare groups handle animal management, organise adoption or fostering programmes, issue pet licences, and keep track of medical information. These tools, when used together, allow you to improve the services your shelter provides to both animals and humans.

Although not all animal shelters are veterinary care facilities and vice versa, there may be some overlap between animal shelter and care software and veterinary practice management software. Shelter and care software may be used by adoption centres, wildlife facilities, livestock farms, and many sorts of animal rescue organisations to manage their day-to-day operations.

Key Features of Animal Shelter Software

Animal intake management: Organize how animals are brought to your shelter for care, what restrictions are in place (if any), and what is required for release or adoption.

Case management: Create a case file for each animal that arrives at your shelter and share all pertinent information with other employees, volunteers, potential adopters, and foster families.

Medical records and pet licences: Keep digital health records for all animals that come through your shelter, and offer physical licences to new owners if you’re adopting them out.

Animal inventory: Keep track of how many animals are at your facility at any one moment, categorising them by species and other relevant information.

Adoption and foster care administration: Keep track of prospective adopters and foster homes for adoptable pets.

Kennel management: Ensure that kennel facilities for boarding pets or rescued animals are maintained clean.

Volunteer management: Recruit, track, and monitor potential volunteers to serve at your shelter using volunteer management.

Management of fundraising initiatives: Organize and manage fundraising operations to collect funds for your facility.

Key Benefits of Animal Shelter Software

Adopting pet care and animal shelter software may streamline your operations in a variety of ways, from tiny animal rescues to major animal welfare facilities:

Animals Need Round-the-Clock Care, Not Paperwork: Rescued animals require care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Time spent filing medical records or filling up case files is time not spent with those who require assistance the most. Animal shelter software allows you to automate a lot of paperwork, cutting down on the time it takes to complete each intake or adoption procedure.

By digitising paperwork, real-time automation modules improve your operations even more. Digital medical records can reveal which animals have been treated, which require immunizations or microchips, and even which have behavioural difficulties. Knowing an animal’s temperament can help volunteers and staff better prepare for new circumstances with the animal, such as enrichment or training programmes.

Animals, Owners, and Volunteers may all be tracked: You’ll need a means to track an animal’s position after it arrives at your shelter. Otherwise, the animal may go without the necessary maintenance, such as exams and grooming. Shelter managers can know where their next patients are using an all-in-one shelter management system, lowering the probability of missed appointments.

Animal care software contains capabilities for tracking animals at your facility so that volunteers, fosters, and future owners may work together more effectively. Consider a volunteer bringing a stray rescue dog for a walk and some exercise. The staff could not know where the dog is when it’s meant to meet with a possible foster home if they don’t have software. Even a manual approach, such as a clipboard affixed to the kennel, might fail to show the length of the dog’s absence. Everyone may study animal data using real-time software to find out where the dog is and where it’s intended to be.

Another technique to monitor animal positions with RFID and GPS is to use collar-mounted tracking devices. Furthermore, smartphone apps for iOS and Android devices can provide real-time communication, allowing volunteers to check in anytime an animal isn’t in the appropriate place.

Increase the amount of money raised for animal welfare: Fundraising tools help you generate more money for your nonprofit. Whether you’re a for-profit boarding kennel or a non-profit pet adoption organisation, a fundraiser can temporarily boost your budget and allow you to provide more services.

For example, if a major weather disaster occurs, your sanctuary may be forced to temporarily keep animals that have been separated from their owners. Hosting an unplanned fundraising, particularly on social media, can pay all of the extra expenditures incurred as a result of the emergency situation and expanded capacity.

Fundraisers do not have to be monetary in nature. Shelter management software can help you arrange adoption drives, instructional programmes, pop-up spay/neuter clinics, and more. You may help more animals in your neighbourhood than ever before by increasing your outreach efforts, such as using social media to publicise forthcoming pet adoptions in the neighborhood.

Cost of Animal Shelter Software

Animal shelters and rescue organisations frequently operate on a shoestring budget. This is especially true for nonprofit shelters that rely on the kindness of others to stay afloat. When it comes to animal shelter management software, there are many economical alternatives available that contain the functionality you want, as well as customer assistance and IT maintenance, App Design Software.

The cost of a locally hosted or cloud-based system is determined first. SaaS subscriptions can cost anything from $20 to $1,300 per month, with some companies charging by person or facility. The cost of your plan is usually determined by the size of your organisation, since the more animals, employees, and volunteers you have, the more expensive it will be. A few additionally charge per adoption transaction, which can be as low as $1.

The overall cost might potentially be increased by integrating with other software or services. If your shelter offers boarding or grooming services, for example, some software will include modules to manage such services. Many animal shelter software packages are compatible with Petfinder, one of the most common alternatives for displaying adoptions online. This allows you to simply update pet availability to prospective owners. Other enhancements include mobile app access for working on the move, such as while saving an animal on location.

Facility-based Animal Care Software

A wide range of services can be provided by animal care facilities. Personalized animal shelter software enables us to help everyone, who runs:

  • Animal rescue organisation
  • Animal control centre for the city
  • Wildlife departments at the state and federal levels
  • Veterinary emergency clinic
  • A civilised society
  • Group for rehoming and foster care
  • Stable or kennel
  • A ranch or a livestock farm
  • Aquarium and/or zoo
  • Animal shelter

You may profit from adding software to your day-to-day operations as long as your animal care centre has an Internet connection.

Considerations to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Animal Shelter Software

Specific requirements and scalability: It’s critical to consider your company’s specific requirements when evaluating marketing software. It’s unavoidable to overestimate your future demands in order to avoid having to reinvest in a new solution as your company expands.

Adequate training and support: It is critical for practice personnel to be able to utilise the animal shelter software finance properly. Inquire with potential suppliers about their training contributions, the solution’s learning curve, and the level of customer support they’ll provide after the sale.


  • Why use Animal shelter software?

The import feature in Animal Shelter software helps shelters and rescue groups to swiftly and easily add adoptable dogs to the software, as well as maintain their pet lists up to date automatically. Because our import system operates constantly, organisations may upload data as often as they like. The following are some of the advantages of using Animal Shelter software’s import feature:

  • The opportunity to manage all of your pet ads from one location
  • The option to upload pets in bulk to Petfinder
  • You have the option of using whatever pet management programme you like.
  • Having a local copy of your pet’s data on your computer is an option (depending on your software)
  • Do animal shelters need toys?

All we want as dog owners is for our pets to be happy. Chew toys, belly rubs, rope toys, walks, squeak toys, food, bones, and fetch are common examples.

Our dogs invariably wind up with an endless amount of toys to play with. This is typically due to them consuming their toy supply at an uncomfortably rapid rate, but occasionally they simply win the Christmas jackpot. Our dogs end up with stacks of toys which are never used or left alone in either case.

  • Why should my animal shelter or rescue use online forms?

The more time you spend on paperwork, the less time you have to devote to the creatures that really need it. By moving your forms online with Jotform, you can reduce unnecessary paper, develop your own digital database, gather e-signatures, handle credit card payments, and quickly link with third-party apps. Automate processes to save your company time and money that could be spent on anything else.

  • How can I include forms into my website?

It’s time to integrate a form into your website and start accepting entries after you’ve adjusted it to your satisfaction. To do so, go to the Form Builder’s Publish tab, pick the Embed option from the left menu, and then click the Copy Code button. You may now start collecting data by pasting the code anywhere on your website.

  • What problems do animal shelters have?

Among the most common issues are cruel killing methods, filthy conditions, a lack of veterinary care, insufficient food and water, poor record-keeping that leads to animals being “accidentally” destroyed, a lack of spay/neuter requirements or programmes, pound seizure policies, and insufficient adoption screening procedures.